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What Our Clients Say

P.K Sharma

halsiganj, Gorakhpur

Great service, even better people. They came by to upgrade my electric panel and did a fantastic job im the time they said they would get it done. Price estimate was on point and accurate and did not go over the budget I had in mind.

S.K Rastugi

Nakhas Chowk, Gorakhpur

I have never had such a pleasurable experience with heating and air conditioning company in Gorakhpur City. The technicians were courteous, professional, and a pleasure to work with.

Subhash Singh

Mirzapur, Gorakhpur.

We have used Weather Point for many years for heating and now plumbing. They set up appointments promptly, show up when they are supposed to, and do excellent work. I would highly recommend AirPro!

R.K Reddy

Buxipur, Gkp

My central air conditioning was leaking badly. I called around but most places I contacted only serviced commercial buildings. I was given Weather Point's number and I took a chance and called. I am very glad I did! He sent his team over in the morning and they fixed my air so quickly and I felt very reasonably.
I highly recommend them for any ac troubles.

V.K Sharma

Golghar ,Gorakhpur

Weather Point was very responsive and always returned my phonecalls and answered my questions. They came back several times (free of charge) to try and fix our old model, worn-out, leaky unit. In the end, a new unit was needed and they applied the cost of the initial service to the new A/C unit. All in all, I would highly recommend this company.

Mr. Shushantt

Reti, Gorakhpur

I was referred to Weather Point through a friend of mine. He called me right back after I reached out to him and he gave me an extremely reasonable quote for my broken leaky unit. When he showed up he assessed what the problem was almost immediately. From my experience they are by far the most professional and efficient company around. Thank you AIRPRO!