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Pipeline automatic welding is a welding construction technology that enables the entire welding process to be automated and programmed by means of mechanical power and other methods. Compared with manual welding, this technology is relatively simple and easy to control, with high welding quality, beautiful weld seam formation, fast welding speed, low labor intensity, and less human influence on the welding process. Therefore, automatic pipe welding has great advantages for large-diameter thick-walled steel pipes and pipeline construction under harsh environmental conditions. In today’s audit committee where people’s living standards are generally improving, fewer and fewer young people are willing to do high-strength welding work. Automatic pipe welding will inevitably gradually become the main welding method for pipeline construction in home and abroad.


In this paper, the results for keyhole welding of stainless steel 1.4301 and mild steel 1.0117 with a cathode focussed gas tungsten arc process are presented. These tests were carried out in preparation for welding the root faces of Y- or double V-groove weld preparations of thick metal plates. Welded plate thicknesses range from 6 to 10 mm for stainless steels and 6 to 12 mm for mild steels. Welding speeds are in the range of 20 to 115 cm/min at currents from 400 to 800 A. Especially for stainless steel, a big range of applicable and stable process parameters could be found. The process also works fine for mild steel even though the achievable parameter range is smaller.