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Shutring Carpenter

Shuttering refers to wooden boards or metal plates that are positioned and supported using rods and stakes known as falsework; once these boards or plates are in place, concrete can be poured within the created molds. The molds will hold the concrete in place as it sets, thereby creating a solid, smooth structure. A shuttering carpenter will usually be specially trained to work in this field.

Steel Fixer

Icon Technical Institute provides concrete steel workers who are trained to position and secure steel bars or steel mesh to reinforce concrete constructions. Steel fixer have to work on the construction projects for buildings, apartments, housing societies, houses, high rising houses, offices, factories, tunnels, bridges, etc. They have the ability to follow the engineering diagrams and instructions.


Masonry or civil work is the most important part of building anything, it is a process of building structures from individual units put in and bound together by mortar. It is known that the building is only as strong as the foundation that it was built upon. Here at Truneto, you can hire experienced personnel for your masonry. The advantages of experienced workers are that they are less likely to make any mistakes and will make sure that the individual units are bound together forever.

Scaf Folder

Scaffolding is a temporary structure to support the original structure as well as workmen used it as a platform to carry on the construction works. Types of scaffolding varies with the type of construction work. Scaffolding is made up of timber or steel. It should be stable and strong to support workmen and other construction material placed on it.


Plumbing issues can be something that can create without earlier notification, and you will see that the water isn’t coming. There should be a great deal accomplished for you to keep up an effective pipes framework. This implies that there should be continuous pipes done as such as to forestall any shortcomings, and this will over the long haul spare you a ton of cash.